Sowing Tools

Let’s face it, sowing crops can be a very laborious task. And it can be even more time consuming if you are sowing tiny seeds. Fortunately, at Paper Pot Planter Australia, we have found a way to make sowing seeds much easier, more efficient and even fun.

Enjoy sowing seeds with our innovative sowing tools

Our exciting range of crop sowing tools will make a traditionally time-intensive and energy sapping task simple. Enjoy sowing every seed with the help of our revolutionary Dibble Board, Drop Seeders and Seeder Blanks.

For even more growing convenience, complement these sowing tools with our range of paper pots, planters, plastic trays and microgreen trays for a simple, easy and beautiful growing process!

Dibble Board

Usually, creating depressions for your crop seeds in all individual 264 holes in your paper chain pots would take hours. The Dibble Board allows you to perform this time consuming task in a matter of seconds.

Specifically manufactured to create 264 uniform holes, the Dibble Board works in conjunction with your Paper Pot Drop Seeder. Even better, our dibble board will work with any Paper Pot Drop Seeder, regardless of the Drop Seeder hole size.

Drop Seeder

With the Drop Seeder, you can quickly and accurately seed all 264 holes in your paper chain pot in one simple step. This simple but clever tool will save you money by dramatically decreasing labour and controlling seed waste at the same time.

Each Drop Seeder comes with one Seeder Blank of your choice. If you need to buy more than one Seeder Blank, they are available for purchase separately.

Seeder Blank

Our Seeder Blanks are completely interchangeable with our Drop Seeders. This enables you to change the size of the hole to ensure it fits the seed you’re planting. And, with our every second pattern, you can double the distance planted or add companion planting for customisable and versatile growing plans.

When you purchase a Drop Seeder, it comes with a Seeder Blank of your choice. We also sell them separately, if you need more than one or different sizes to accommodate a variety of seeds.

Take the time, labour and frustration out of seed sowing today with our innovative sowing tools.

To purchase a Dibble Board, Drop Seeder or Seeder Blank, simply reach out to us by phone or email today.