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Everything you need to start your Paper Pot Planter journey.

Have you always wanted to take the Paper Pot plunge, but aren’t quite sure where to start? Don’t worry, because at Paper Pot Planter Australia, we have everything you need to start growing your own vegetables, herbs and flowers.

From planters and sowing tools, to paper pots and everything in between, we offer a wide variety of products to help you plant, grow and harvest fresh produce, which will be an absolute joy to eat. So, why not start your Paper Pot Planter journey today?

Paper Pots

Our range of innovative Paper Pots are the key to the success of the Paper Pot Planter system, whether you opt for the hand-pulled Single Planter CP-1 or the tractor-pulled Curly’s Planters. As simple as paper pots connected to each other may seem, the benefits for your seedling transplantation and for the health of your seedlings are enormous, like continuous flow and no transplant shock.

Available in 50mm, 100mm and 150mm spacing, paper pots are ideal for close spaced crops, including spinach, lettuce, peas, beets and more.

Sowing Tools

Make crop sowing much easier and less time consuming with our range of simple sowing tools including Dibble Boards, Drop Seeders and Seeder Blanks.

With the Dibble Board, you can create depressions in your Paper Chain Pots in just seconds. Quickly and accurately seed all 264 holes in your Paper Pots with a Drop Seeder and easily change the size of the hole to accommodate your seeds with a Seeder Blank, second hole planting, or companion planting.


Take the time, frustration and effort out of crop transplanting with our exciting range of Planters. Whether your crops are small and for personal use or much larger for commercial re-selling, we have the ideal solution for you. From our Single Planter CP-1 to our Curly’s Planters (for up to 9 rows of planting at once), we’re passionate about providing options to suit all growing needs. FInally, to decrease your row spacing, Centre, Right and Left Offset Feeders are available and exactly what you need.

Opening Tools

Our opening tools are a crucial part of the Paper Pot Planter system. Opening rods help you to spread your Paper Pots from their compact format to the ‘honeycomb’ formation.

Opening frames help you hold Paper Pots in place until they are placed in a Plastic Tray and filled with soil, which prevents the pots from shrinking.

Plastic Trays

For successful crops every time, choose Plastic Seedling Trays. Specifically designed to prepare seedlings in paper chain pots, Plastic Trays are equipped with holes in the bottom to drain water out naturally.

Value Packs

Whether you’re just starting your Paper Pot Planter journey or want to expand your commercial farm, our Value Packs contain everything you will need. To learn about our range of products further, please explore here.

If you’d like more information, or to order any of our innovative products, simply contact us by phone or email today!