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The all new, world first, paper pot planter pro is our new commercial line for market gardeners or small farmers. With increased strength, where resistance, durability and capacity, the CP-1-Pro is the very best on the market up to date.

The CP-1-Pro offers:

– Interchangeable cutting tip (spike and boat nose)

Depending on your soil conditions (moisture, soil type, green manure or fineness of soil) these 2 tips offer different solutions for different problems. Whilst the spike tip is the best general all rounder the boat nose is much harder to get clogged up if there is excess of organic matter or slightly to moist soil, however the boat nose has an inclination to push up  for this reason we provide 2 bricks which fit in the back 2 gunals to hold it down and running smoothly.

– 304 stainless steel  body construction.

Stainless steel has a 2 fold benefit

  1. As we all know it has a much higher oxidation tolerance which being in moist acidic environment this is the best to have.
  2. It also provides a much higher abrasion resistance to all soils particularly if you are in a sandy soil.

– Adjustable planting depth (30, 60, 90 mm)

The height adjustment on the back of our planter is a world first proprietary system which allows you to plant your plants with a very accurate depth control. This is done by removing the bolt and wingnut out of the back of the planter moving it to the desired depth and replacing the bolts again.

please note the new features of this planter are patented and cannot be copied without Curly’s Enterprises Pty Ltd consent.

Also note that the back wheels no longer come standard with the planter but are extra if required.

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