Plastic Trays

Do you want to know the secret to growing successful crops every time? It’s quite simple – the difference between successful and failed crops depends on proper seedling preparation. While the key to preparing your seedlings lies in the quality of trays you use.

What is a seedling tray?

A seedling tray is a unit which contains a multiple of cells. In the Paper Pot Planter system, the most common multiple is space for 264 seedlings. Seedling trays can be rigid and free standing, or a flexible insert configuration.

Why is a plastic seedling tray the best option?

For crop growers, there are a vast array of seedling trays available, and deciding which is best for your needs can become quite overwhelming. Fortunately, though, for people using Paper Pot Planter Australia products, the choice is simple – our plastic seedling trays.

Plastic trays are specifically designed to prepare your seedlings in the paper pot cells. And, as plastic trays are equipped with holes in the bottom, water can drain out naturally. This ingenious drainage system allows roots to breathe, which ensures each plant has adequate space to grow.

Info on our plastic trays

At Paper Pot Planter Australia, we offer enclosed and open plastic seedling trays. Our enclosed trays are approximately 600 x 300mm, and are used to hold pots until your seedlings are ready to be planted.

Enclosed trays are very useful for microgreen growers. They are made of high quality plastic, 100% reusable, and proudly Australian made.

The open trays have the same dimensions and are used for the same purpose as enclosed trays. However, they are specifically designed with open edges to allow continuous flow when used with Curly’s Planters. We also recommend using open tray designs for the Single Planter CP-1 as well.

Just like the enclosed version, open trays are 100% reusable, steady, firm and proudly Australian made.

To grow successful crops each and every time, place an order for plastic trays on our website today.