Making transplanting crops much easier

Usually, transplanting vegetable and herb crops is very labour intensive, difficult, time consuming, and frankly, exhausting task. However, with the Paper Pot Planter Australia products, all this can change.

With this revolutionary invention, you can transplant your crops yourself, no matter the size of your land or project. Paper Pot Planter products allow you to transplant the plugs of many different crops (from beans, to radishes, salad greens and more), in minutes, instead of hours.

No matter the size of your crops, we have the ideal planter to suit your needs.


Single Planter

The Single Planter CP-1 is the ideal transplanting tool for small areas of cultivation. It is a hand pulled device, which is very easy to use. And best of all, this planter is proudly manufactured in Australia. The perfect foil for a small scale farm, or simply an aspiring green thumb who wants to speed up their planting process while saving time and money too.

Curly’s Planter

There are many challenges that come with commercial growing. So what difference would it make to your daily routine, and quality of life, to be able to transplant seedlings quickly and efficiently? What about a method that saved you the cost of labour and freed up your time to be used elsewhere? Perhaps you’re interested in an approach that minimises transplant shock and provides more robust crop yields and harvest times? If you’re after all these benefits, the Curly’s Planter range ticks all your boxes with both the CP-2 and CP-2 with extensions models available.

In order for the planters to work as they are designed, your soil needs to be prepared before use.

This is as easy as a simple soil preparation of:

  • Soil must be well tilled into granules no larger than 5mm
  • Soil must be dry, preferably with a humidity of less than 10%
  • Soil should be free from green matter over 10mm long

Growing your own veggies, herbs or flower crops is a wonderful feeling that we want to share with growers across Australia. Whether you’re a small scale hobby grower looking to take the next step up, or a commercial grower seeking ways to streamline your set-up and maximise your productivity, our planter range is sure to be a game-changer.