Paper Pots

Are you searching for a less labour intensive, more cost-effective way to grow your vegetable, herb or flower crops? The answer lies in the revolutionary Paper Pot Planter Australia system.


What are the Paper Pots?

The Paper Pot system is a simple and efficient way to seed and transplant your crops, using paper chains which unravel when pulled by our range of planters. For our popular hand-drawn Single Planter CP-1 product, a manual transplanting tool, one person is able to comfortably pull from an upright position, making the process fast, easy and stress-free. While our patented Curly’s Planters use a tractor pull to quickly and efficiently lay down countless seeds without back-breaking labour or time in the harsh sun.

What are the benefits of the Paper Pots?

Perfect for recreational gardeners and commercial farmers alike, paper pots will revolutionise your crop growth and yield. Paper pots can be used for almost any close spaced crop you can imagine, and will significantly cut down your work time during harvest season. Even better, if a crop requires a little extra breathing room, simply double space your crops or make the most of companion planting to get even more out of the ground you work with.

We believe you will be sold on the Paper Pot system from your very first crop transplant. Paper pots eliminate the need to bend over when transplanting by hand, a back-pain growers know all too well! The system is very easy to learn, and we guarantee you will be very satisfied seeing it in action. And, most importantly, the Paper Pots enable you to transplant hundreds of plants in just seconds.

Some technical information about the Paper Pots

Your paper pots will arrive in the shape of a compressed honeycomb. They are opened with steel rods, inserted over a frame, and dropped into a sturdy tray. This creates 264 flat cells, which are approximately 30mm wide x 30mm deep.

The paper cells are open at the bottom, and its support trays are perforated – this allows the roots to air prune. The beauty of this is your crops can be grown to meet your desires before they’re moved into the ground by a Paper Pot Planter Australia product. For seedlings that take root early this will allow you to quickly get your crops in the soil compared to those that require a longer growing time above ground to improve the chances of a thriving yield.

To start growing your own fresh produce, simply call or email our experienced team today.