Opening Tools

To start taking advantage of your new Paper Pot Australia product, it is crucial to have the proper opening tools. These opening tools include opening rods and opening frames.

What are the opening rods?

An opening rod is a simple metal tool, which allows you to spread your Paper Pots from their compact format to a ‘honeycomb’ formation, that fits perfectly in plastic trays for seeding.

What are opening rods used for?

These metal rods slide into the side of the compressed paper chain pots. They are then used to pull the chain pots apart, to allow you to place them onto the opening frame. Opening rods can be removed once the paper chain pots are secured on the opening frame. These rods are an essential component of the Paper Pot System – they cannot be used effectively without them.

If you are doing a lot of transplanting on your hobby farm, you may want more than one set of opening rods to be able to prepare several trays at the same time.

What is the opening frame?

The opening frame is a rectangular metal rod which helps you hold your Paper Pots in place until you place them in the plastic tray. Once placing them in the plastic tray, it is filled with soil, which will prevent seedlings from shrinking.

Like opening rods, opening frames are available for individual purchase. In case you want to plant several trays at the same time.

What are opening frames used for?

This rigid metal frame holds your paper pots inside the plastic trays flat, so you can fill the paper pots with soil. After soil is added, the frame can be removed, with soil holding the paper pots open.

Opening frames are another essential part of the paper pot system.

To purchase opening frames and opening rods for your Paper Pot system, contact us today.