How to Start Your Own Organic Farm

Imagine if all or most of your food was either grown locally or in your backyard. Imagine if it didn’t have to be frozen, sprayed with chemicals and transported across the country or internationally- because after all, we have the space and we have the resources. With new technology, growing organic food won’t cost you an arm and a leg or most of your time. It’s easy enough to start growing your own produce by following a few simple steps:


Find a good location

Depending on what kind and how much area you have at your disposal, you are going to want to put your produce in an area where it can get both sun and rain, and in an area with easy access for watering. Different kinds of produce require different temperatures and environments for them to thrive, so it’s best doing your research on what you want to grow and its needs.


Use methods that require little effort and maximum output

Your first attempt at urban farming doesn’t have to be strenuous. In fact, new methods in urban farming allow maximum output and production with little effort. This makes urban farming accessible to anyone, which means you could start your urban farming journey today with just a few small steps.


Paper Pot Planters were brought to Australian only recently. This invention has made tracks in the Australian urban, personal and commercial farming industries rather quickly. This is because they are an efficient way to seed and transplant your crops.


Paper Pots are simple paper chains which unravel when pulled by planters, allowing the roots to air-prune and improve your chances of a thriving yield. They also save on back-breaking and repetitive labour, as they require only one person to seed and transplant crops from a comfortable, upright position.



How often you take care of your crops depends on what they are, the season and how many crops you have. For beginners, the process is quite easy when using innovative methods to plant, transplant and harvest their first crop of organic urban agriculture.


It’s recommended the correct products and methods are used to ensure maximum output with minimal effort, allowing you to spend more time enjoying what you have produced rather than looking after it.

So, if you’re looking for the best way to start your own organic farm, ask the experts by calling Paper Pot Planter Australia on 0449 268 131, email us at curlysplanter@outlook.com or fill in our Contact Us form today.

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