How Do I Prepare and Test My Soil?

Just like we need good food to ensure we have enough energy and live happy, healthy lives, plants also need the best food and nutrients to avoid disease and to survive. The reason organic farming in Australia is a growing industry is because we...

The Best Seasons for Different Crops

Summer Crops Vegetables which grow best in the summer need warm soil and high temperatures. And if they have access to a lower temperature at night, they will produce delicious crops and grow steady throughout the summer season. These include...

Best Crops for Your Farming Region

Choosing what to plant depends on where you will be planting and growing your crops. This is because the differences in soil and climate can drastically change how produce is grown and how it tastes.   It’s recommended you stick to produce...

How to Start Your Own Organic Farm

Imagine if all or most of your food was either grown locally or in your backyard. Imagine if it didn’t have to be frozen, sprayed with chemicals and transported across the country or internationally- because after all, we have the space and we...