Benefits over Traditional Planting

Benefits over Traditional Planting

Across both hand-pulled and tractor-pulled products, the Paper Pot Planter system is a truly revolutionary innovation. We believe it will change the lives of every home gardener, hobby farmer, and commercial grower in Australia. Simply give Paper Pot Planter a try and you will see it is far superior to traditional crop planting methods.

Save labour time and costs

Transplanting crops with the Paper Pot system will give you a head start, leading to significant savings on physical labour and costs. It will also allow you to increase your crop yield and your crop numbers throughout the year, with the lack of transplant shock generated by the smooth transplanting systems able to grow crops quickly and efficiently. As a result, your overall profitability will increase as a result of using this simple, efficient, cost-effective tool.

Increased quality of life

Transplanting your crops with the Single Planter CP-1 and Curly’s Planter range is a faster, simpler and less labour-intensive method of transplanting seedlings compared to traditional planting methods. Along with reduced wear and tear on your body, you will have more time to enjoy yourself and ultimately need less help, improving your quality of life and lowering your costs at the same time!

Increased profitability

The Paper Pot system has the ability to increase the profitability of transplant seedling growers. From lettuce to tomatoes, capsicums, spinach, broccoli and more, small crops have the potential to see big returns. This is achieved by returning crop yields before weeds have time to establish, helping break the cycle of weeds and lowering your weed maintenance costs. On top of this, our products allow early crops to be started in pots, before soil is tilled. And, as the Paper Pot system reduce the physical labour required, you will save on labour costs too.

Enhanced farm sustainability

Paper Pot Planter products enhance farm sustainability in terms of human capital. As the Single Planter CP1 is used standing up, a single person can transplant hundreds of plants in minutes, without having to crawl, kneel or stoop. The same efficiency comes with the tractor-pulled Curly’s Planters which speed up the process and free up time to be used elsewhere across your commercial site.

To see these benefits for yourself, take the plunge and invest in the Paper Pot Planter system today. Interested in more information? Please reach out and give us a call!