Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

What is the Single Planter CP-1?

This revolutionary device allows you to transplant an entire 264-cell tray of seedlings in under a minute. The planter achieves this incredible speed by working in conjunction with special trays and folded paper chain pots.

What is included?

In your Single Planter CP-1 kit, you will find:

a). Handle

b). Handle support

c). Front wheels support

d). Front wheels

e). Front section

f). Rear section

g). Feet

h). Rear wheels holder

i). Rear wheels

j). Transport handle

k). Bolts, washers, nuts, pins and R-clips as needed.

For assembly you will need simple tools including a phillip head screwdriver, a shifting spanner and a 13mm spanner. The process is that simple!

What do you need to complete the Single Planter CP-1?

You will need: plastic trays, opening rods, opening frame, dibble board, drop seeder and paper pots of your choice.

How do you assemble the Single Planter CP-1?

For more assistance on assembling your Single Planter CP-1 product, please call or email us today!