A Guide to Urban Farming

Urban Farming, sometimes also called “urban agriculture”, means growing your own food in a city or heavily populated area. It means utilizing your space in your own backyard or commercial property to provide organic vegetables, herbs and flowers for yourself and your family using innovative methods in tight spaces.


Urban and organic farming doesn’t require large corporations and large tracts of land. Instead, it can be run by one person, a non-profit or a neighbourhood group. The food produced can be sold at farmers markets, given to charities or used to sustain the community or individual which grows it.


The benefits of urban agriculture are the relatively small cost it takes to start your own urban farm, the quality of the food that is produced and the fact that the food doesn’t have to travel far to get to its destination. Because we all know how far some food travels to get to our tables and supermarkets- but things are changing, and it doesn’t always have to be this way anymore.


Rooftops, warehouses and unused land become fertile farming grounds for education, community engagement and locally-grown produce once organic urban farming methods like Paper Pot Planters have been installed. Taken from the Japanese Paper Pot Planter, which lets your plant, grow and harvest your own vegetables, flowers and herbs without excessive amounts of labour, urban farming and agriculture have taken a new turn in innovation and output in Australia.


Paper Pot Planters help cultivate both private and commercial spaces in output and productivity. This means that more people, communities and farmers can enjoy the fruits (literally) of locally-produced food, which is a growing initiative and solution to environmental issues.


Urban farming produces organic farming goods according to the seasons, which has been proven to help sustain our natural environment and ensure high-quality local food. For example, many vegetables are grown in specific seasons to ensure they taste and grow the way they would organically. This also ensures that an emphasis on local food allows new industries like urban farming to prosper in the future.


And while it’s a relatively new concept to many, it’s also a thriving industry which is changing not only the quality of the food we produce but the way we think about agriculture in the modern world.

For more information and insights on urban farming and its benefits for your community, farm, the environment and your kitchen, call Paper Pot Planter Australia on 0449 268 131, email us at curlysplanter@outlook.com or fill in our Contact Us form today.

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